Monday, April 2, 2007

This April Fool has Pregnancy Brain!

I am 22 weeks pregnant and have been feeling her kick and push and roll for the past few weeks. She's active when I am not and still and quiet when I am not. Notice the hip "white bra showing through the black shirt" look . Sexy!

Don went to a Black Sabbath concert in London last weekend. He went shopping while he was there and bought our daughter the cutest onesie.

After 3 weeks of pondering what the hell I am going to write about this time, it dawns on me that concentrating on the tiniest thoughts is becoming an increasingly greater challenge. The other day, I was at a workshop with my friend and colleague, Tom. I had something to ask him, so I turned to speak and opened my mouth, "," was all I muttered. Whatever it was that I needed to ask him was gone, lost in the abyss of my pregnant brain, never to be discovered again. I am facing a new reality and it is a monster. Stupidity that comes with its own excuse. Watch out!


1. lock your keys in the car.

2. lock them in your spouse's plain sight of onlookers and realize it much later!

3. accidentally throw out the hard copies of baby's ultrasound pictures....I'm still guilting over this one.

4. forget obligations and responsibilities such as, school yard duty. Sshhhh..please don't tell my principal.

5. while driving...ask yourself if you remembered to grab the car keys.

6. accidentally put your underwear on inside-out more than once a week.

7. search high and low for the sunglasses that are gently nestled on top of your head.

8. pull into a gas station on the wrong side of the gas tank...only to realize it after you get out of the car.

9. check the gas prices and gawk in shock at how much people pay for premium grade gasoline..what are they thinking? Lift the nozzle, select the grade and start pumping $20.00. At $19.75 you notice that your are in fact pumping premium grade gasoline into your car for the 1st time ever. Dammit!

10. rub hair product all over your face like moisturizer, just after you have already moisturized.