Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rockin' and Rolling all night long

30 weeks PREGNANT and counting!

"I wanna rock and roll all night! And party everyday!"-KISS

It's been a while and I believe I will have make time to sit down and do this my when life slows down. My job is occupying abuot 80% of my life at the moment and won't stop until June 11th. I am directing a school musical that debuts this week...I am nervous and excited for the kids. We have worked on this show since January and now it is curtain time.

I have never directed before...I've assisted, but have never ran the project. I know I am only putting on a school production...but when you think about it...I must ask: Would you rather direct 50 adults (ages 19-50) or 50 kids (ages 8-13)? And why?
Anyway, it has been stressful, yet fun. However, Report cards are looking more like a break from everything rather than another pain the @$$. I am sure I'll be singing a different tune in another week.
This baby of ours has some jimmy-legs like you wouldn't believe.
At night, when my head finally hits the begins. The pushing, punching, kicking, rocking and rolling like Steven Tyler to Walk this Way.
You can actually see the blankets move by her force. She is havin' just a good ole time in my uterus while I am trying to catch a few winks. When she got the hiccups the other night, it felt like a John Bonham drum solo..head bangin' and everything. When Don leans in to say "hello," she pops him one right in the ear! Hmmm....Tommy Lee? I have no doubt that when she is born, her first gesture will be ...