Monday, March 12, 2007

I'll have a Mexican Hot Chocolate and a Baby GIRL please.

I am a few days late in adding this post. So let's pretend it is Tuesday, March 6th, the day of my 2nd ultrasound. (I am also feeling like crap, sore throat and achy and tired...and I've been having such a good run of things so far! Happy friggin' March Break... at least writing this post will definitely cheer me up.)

Anyone who has had an ultrasound, knows how brutal the bladder feels after you have to hold 40 oz. of water in it for more than an hour. I knew it was coming, but man I didn't know how bad!

Don woke up so excited this morning, because we knew that we were going to find out the sex today. We washed up and went out early to have breakfast at our local greasy spoon. During and after my Belgian waffle and fried ham slice, I guzzled a good 32 oz. Standing up to pay the bill was a shocker! It felt like the water plummeted from my guts to my bladder like Niagara frickin' Falls. Okay, 4o mins. until my appointment. Now what? I didn't wanna do anything but sit cross-legged. Don recommended driving to the Imaging Centre to see if they could take us early. Well, for the 2nd time, we went to the wrong location (same for our 1st ultrasound). Huh, well back into the car we went, crossed my legs and held the seat belt as far away from my midsection as I could. We got there and I got to wait 20 mins. They called me in for 30 mins. of measuring the baby and all of its internal organs.

19 weeks cute.

2/3rds of the way through, the technician told me my bladder was too full and to empty what I felt to be about 1/2. Thank God! 1/2? Hmmm..alright, she seemed to trust me. I emptied "1/2" (whatever) and finished measuring. Don was allowed to come in now and find out what we were going to have. The moment we had been waiting for and the technician showed us the missing scrotum and 3 lines representing the labia and opening. It's a girl and she was 99.9 % sure. Unless it's a boy with no scrotum. We'll take our chances that it is a girl. Don did a silent cheer behind behind the tech's back and I giggled. I tried to completely enjoy the moment but I still had to pee like a mofo. The tech gave me the go ahead and I emptied Niagara Falls right back to whence it came. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The rest of the day was also amazing. Don and I spent it revelling together. First, we went to Don's parent's house and showed his mom the images. She cried and had to sit down. After visualizing Christmases to come (Christmas is a HUGE deal with Don's's great), she told us we had to go and buy something for our daughter. Gladly! We go to the mall and find a cute little onesie that says "Busy Bee" on the front. Then we went to The Mini. A Vietnamese restaurant in Windsor that we frequented when we first started dating, 13 years ago. Yum! Next, we were off to Taloolah Lounge for my favourite beverage at the moment....Mexican Hot Chocolate. Last, we went home for a well-deserved nap, since neither of us slept well the night before. It was a beautiful day and we made the most of it. Thank you Donnie!

We'd be happy to hear any favourite girl names! Please feel free to offer any ideas! I need a losenge......later.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

3:28 am

I did not realize that once you start a journal and you let it go for a little bit, that your brain starts to store ideas and thoughts for later. My brain never used to do that. Now, I wake up (just like now) to make sure I don't forget to mention this thought and that feeling. I am a tad behind and must warn that I may take this post into a non-linear direction.

So, here I am awake for no reason. My nose dry and stuffed at the same time. It only does this at bedtime, mind you. My nose can whistle like a snowstorm under these conditions and keep me up for a while. It's ridiculous!

I am supposed to sleep on my left. But it seems, I can only fall asleep on my right. I hope baby don't mind. I can hear my whistling kettle of a nose more clearly when I lay on my left side. I have severe hearing loss in my left ear. So when I sleep on my right side, my left ear is open and my good right ear is perfectly muffled by my pillow.'s a blessing and curse, but more so the latter.

Yesterday I experienced my first sensation of boob meets stomach. ME...miss little chest...can now say that her boobs can touch her stomach at the slightest bend. WOW! I think I will take some pride in this fact for now. Can you believe that that was one of the feelings that I had to make sure I wrote down? That that was one of the thoughts that kept me awake tonight? "Michelle, don't forget to mention the boob thing!"
Minutia becomes a big deal when your pregnant. Everything matters.

My school had a class walking field trip to the local ice rink for skating. The 6th grade teacher and myself were to walk together with his class. He took the front and I took the rear. Well, the days of keeping up are long gone. At my quickest pace, that class managed to outwalk me by almost 1/2 a block. Good thing the special needs students like to walk slow too. I had great company on my waddle to the ice rink. Once we got there, I decided to make the most out of not being allowed to skate and grabbed a chunk of change from my pocket and waited in line with the 8 and 9 yr. olds for one of the best things in the world...arena fries! Drown them in Ketchup and Vinegar and eat them with a tiny, plastic, 2-pronged fork. Aaah...sweet bliss. I washed them down with a hot chocolate and the world was great even though my ass was freezing.

Cute part: Last year, when the school went skating, one of the behavioural needs students and I skated all over together. We sort of bonded. Well, this year that very same kid decided to sit this one out with me and keep me company in the stands. He was also one of the kids who walked nice and slow with me, not that he had to, mind you, he just did.