Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My Man the Emperor

So Don enjoys his world domination games. Did I say "enjoys"? I meant is addicted!!!!!!!!

Can I just get a few moments to quietly meditate and focus on my blog? Geez..I want to pour myself onto a page and he is practically dancing and fidgeting around me, awaiting his return to the Greek City States that he must conquer. Can't a girl get a little peace and quiet without the pressure?

I have my first OB appointment next month. A little nervous. My 2 close and also pregnant friends (Heather-the one I called 1st and Natalie-the most pregnant one out of us 3) have decided to go with a midwife: the same one, in fact. I went in the other direction. I don't necessarily feel strongly about one or the other. I would probably be nervous meeting a midwife for the 1st time too, now that I think of it. I put a lot of faith into what is considered "professional opinion." I suppose it comes from the perspective of my own profession: a teacher. Whether it be a doctor or a midwife, both are professionals and give information and advice based upon their experience and knowledge. I have never really considered myself to be a naturalist or purist. I don't know if that swayed my decision process, but I guess the cold and clinical perception of hospitals and clinics doesn't really dissuade me. What is important to me is what I'm carrying, Don's love and support and my dearest friends. Put me in a cold hard cell, and as long I have what is most precious to me I am happy and comfortable.

I thought I was going to write about how funny my kids at school are. I guess I can save that for another time.

I wish I had more photos to post. Sadly, I don't own digital camera at the moment. Silly I should choose to start a BLOG and not have access to camera. Oh well. Enjoy a pic from my archives.

Ouch! Grade 12 and Grade 8.

Aaah the Flowerhead.

Interesting....I think I still pull my hair behind that ear! Scary.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Lucky 13

After 2 tries at little rocker #1, we were successful! I am now 13 weeks pregs and I'm finally starting to enjoy the authentic feeling of knowing it for sure.

Just so that I can feel comfortable talking about my day to day ho-hums and who-wha's, I have overbearing urge to catch new readers up on the symptoms and feelings leading up to the day I that peed on a stick. I know that when women are trying to conceive, the wait is unbearable and all you can do is Google, Google, and Google some more. I know..cuz I was one of those women. And believe me...I've read my share of stories, both uplifting and sad. I felt like an expert on Early Pregnancy before I knew that I could conceive.'s the lowdown on what I remember to be my earliest inklings to being pregnant.

This was our second attempt...can't believe our luck. Well, we did time it around ovulation, and I did do the CM checks and all that jazz. No temp. readings though!

Cycle Day 1- Oct. 29, 2006

CD 14-17- We do the deed. My CM was just right and yah...I laid in bed and waited like 15 mins. after each romp.

6 Days Past Ovulation- The cat starts trying to climb my if compelled to. If you knew Wimpy, you would think this strange. I also should have started getting sore-ass boobies..due to George (my girlfriends have had this name for our periods since highschool) being on its way. But, my boobs didn't get tender or sore........yet!

10 DPO- Wimpy is overstepping his boundaries by sneaking into the bedroom to sleep on my sweaters. This is an outdoor cat folks. I kicked him out repeatedly only to find him right back in the armoire. Not to mention, he is jumping on my lap constantly. My CM isn't drying up either. Staying pretty moist down there. I put off taking the TEST yet...because of the disappointment I felt the last time we tried. It's hard...but I resist.

13 DPO- George is due! "Not here...could it be? Nah! Things like this don't happen to people like me. I'm going to have to try a gazillion times before it works..I know it!"

14 DPO-"Nope! Not here yet. Okay..I'm a little excited."

15 DPO- Took a mental health day off work..was feeling strange. Tired, unmotivated, and had a feeling that work could wait a day for me. I felt really run-down. I call my Heather and tell her I'm 3 days late. She says I should TEST...I am afraid to....the Negative results are heartbreaking! I hang up. I watch TV. I pace the floor. Watch a little more TV, but not really. I get up cuz I gotta pee. "Well, what the hell...I'm gonna pee on that there stick!" I saw a faint pink line and nearly tripped on my way to the phone to call Heather. The rest is history.

The sad part is Don was not the 1st to find out with me. I feel horrible about making that phone call before telling him first. I honestly think his feelings were hurt.

So sorry, Donnie! My emotions got the better of me that day.

Here I am at 13 weeks...and feeling pretty frickin' awesome...except these mood swings..whoa! Watch out!

Ultrasound at 10 1/2 weeks.

11 weeks...a slight bump? Uumm..13 weeks..a slight bump?
C'mon man! If you knew how I looked before..this is huge!
Yaaaaah...I hope I am eating enough too.