Friday, February 16, 2007

Crumbs in Bed

So here are the latest developments in this pregnancy of mine.

It figures, like clockwork, that almost to the minute that I have hit 4 months, I have begun some sudden changes.

I shall list them for you:

1. Small and numerous bumps on my face. Not pimples....bumps. So many that my entire face has taken on a new texture and appearance. It is dry and tight and feels like elephant skin. Moisturizer only seems to stay on the surface it is so stiff. But if forget to moisturize..look out! I peel like a snake sheds its skin. Totally gross! Good news is...the zits are gone (for now) due to the dryness. This one is first on my list due to its high level of annoyance and unending ability to baffle me. I was supposed to start swimming this week. Now I am totally afraid of what chlorine will do to it.

2. 3:00 am hunger pains that wake me up. Do I feel like getting up to eat? Hell, NO! Crackers by the bed it is then. I've heard of women doing this, just never thought it would be me. I am a sound sleeper. Poor Don, was startled last night by the crackling of my cracker bag. Damn those things are loud. Apparently, he had just fallen asleep after a night of insomnia. Oooops! Better use a plate next time. I don't think he got back to sleep either.

3. Hmmmm. Not bending over all the way anymore. Time to bend at the knees. How am I going to take off my knee-high boots?

4. Itchy! Itchy! Itchy!

5. Falling asleep in front of the T.V. (well this has been happening since 1st trimester). But, it is happening even during my favourite shows! Can anyone tell me how HEROES ended?

6. Red rashy bumps on my chest. Kind of like what is on my face but redder and bumpier! V-neck sweaters are a no-no right now.

7. Stinky pee. What is up with THAT?

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